Spring 2016

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  • Mar-Jun 28-10 Mon-Fri

    Paz y Amor: Make Peace

    • Vibiana Aparicio-Chamberlin

    Art Exhibition

    Art Exhibition / MCC Lounge

    Pasadena-based artist Vibiana Aparicio-Chamberlin honors her Mexican family and culture through art. Her work is vibrant, colorful, and highly personal: “Often I act on what moves me emotionally in an unjust world or in my personal life. Then I play on the canvas.” But not just on the canvas. She employs mixed media and assemblage; she makes altars, installations, etchings, and prints. “Of concern for me are struggling immigrant families and workers, abused women, children, and elders, and the destruction of the environment.

    There will also be an Opening Reception for the artist in MCC Lounge: Tues, April 12, 6 pm. Free food, meet the artist, and mingle!

  • Apr 06 Wed

    Most Likely to Succeed

    • Most Likely to Succeed
    6:00 PM

    Cup of Culture

    Film Screening / MCC Theater

    The current educational system in the U.S., once the envy of the world, was developed during the rise of the industrial age. Since then, the world economy has changed profoundly, while our educational system has not. Schools are attempting to teach and test skills that, even when mastered, leave graduates woefully unprepared for the 21st century. This documentary film focuses on a school in San Diego that is completely rethinking what the experience of going to school looks like and accomplishes. (90 min, English, 2016)

    Watch the trailer: https://vimeo.com/122502930

  • Apr 12 Tue

    Paz y Amor: Make Peace (Exhibit Opening Reception)

    • Aparicio-Chamberlin_Mi Quetzal
    6:00 PM

    Art Exhibition

    Opening Reception / MCC Lounge

    Pasadena-based artist Vibiana Aparicio-Chamberlin honors her Mexican family and culture through art. Her work is vibrant, colorful, and highly personal: “Often I act on what moves me emotionally in an unjust world or in my personal life. Then I play on the canvas.” But not just on the canvas. She employs mixed media and assemblage; she makes altars, installations, etchings, and prints. “Of concern for me are struggling immigrant families and workers, abused women, children, and elders, and the destruction of the environment.

    Come join us at this exhibit opening reception. Free food, meet the artist, and mingle! Free and open to all.

  • Apr 13 Wed

    Food Chains

    • Food Chains
    6:00 PM

    Cup of Culture

    Film Screening / MCC Theater

    There is more interest in food than there is in the hands that pick it. Farmworkers, the foundation of our fresh food industry, are routinely abused and robbed of wages. In extreme cases, they are beaten, sexually harassed or even enslaved – all within the borders of the U.S. In this exposé, an intrepid group of Florida farmworkers battles to defeat the $4 trillion global supermarket industry through their Fair Food program, which partners with growers and retailers to improve working conditions for farm laborers. (85 min, English, 2014)

    Watch the trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqZLrXVAde4

  • Apr 14 Thu

    Remembering Violence and the Violence of Remembering

    • Remembering the Violence
    6:00 PM

    Lecture / MCC Lounge

    Khatharya Um, author of the recently published book From the Land of Shadows, will examine the conditions that produced the 1975-79 Cambodian genocide as well as the struggle of Cambodians, both in their homeland and in the diaspora, to live with and transcend this historic trauma. Khatharya Um is an Associate Professor of Ethnic Studies at UC Berkeley.

  • Apr 19 Tue

    The United States and the Culture of Conquest

    • Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz
    6:00 PM

    Race Matters Series

    Lecture / MCC Lounge

    As "Columbus Day" suggests, U.S. history dates back to the onset of European colonization of the Western Hemisphere. However, the entire continental mass of the U.S. today was conquered through a century of genocidal warfare against Indigenous peoples. The culture of conquest is embedded in our governing structures, foreign relations, internal social relations, and institutional structures. This mind-set, expressed in policing/incarceration and in the U.S. military aggression against non-European peoples, has produced a virulent and enduring racism both domestically and internationally. Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz – a historian, writer, feminist, and Professor Emerita of Ethnic Studies at CSU Hayward – argues that, without the colonial lens, we can neither understand nor eradicate racism.

  • Apr 20 Wed


    • Piku
    6:00 PM

    Cup of Culture

    Film Screening / MCC Theater

    Piku juggles the demands of her life as a successful architect and caretaker of her 70-year old hypochondriac father. Getting a life of her own just doesn't seem possible—and not for the lack of trying. Piku is a quirky comedy about a daughter and father dealing with each other's conflicting world views while recognizing that they are each other's sole emotional support. There will be a performance by Andaaz Bollywood Fusion prior to the screening. (135 min, Hindi w/ English subtitles, 2016)

    Watch the trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGpuVWrhIzE

  • Apr 21 Thu

    An Evening of Spoken Word: Kahlil Almustafa

    • Kahlil Almustafa
    7:30 PM

    The MCC in Santa Barbara

    Spoken Word Performance / Rebar Coffee, 214 State Street, Santa Barbara, CA

    Known as the “People’s Poet,” Kahlil Almustafa is the 2002 Nuyorican Grand Slam Champion. He is the author of four books of poetry and the debut CD CounterIntelligence. Almustafa is a skilled educator, mentoring more than 100 young people each year from New York City's five boroughs. His collection of 15 years of poetry, Growing Up Hip-Hop, is used in more than 40 classrooms nationally.

    Kahlil will also be facilitating a free workshop for UCSB students called We Get Our Power from the Sun: Performance Poetry and Hip-Hop workshop on Thursday, April 21st, 12-3pm in the MCC Lounge.

  • Apr 23 Sat

    Chinese Lion Dance

    • Lion Dance
    12:00 PM

    Children of All Ages

    Performance / Music Department's Music Bowl

    Lion dancing is a beautiful and fun activity that brings Chinese cultural art to life. Rooted in traditional martial arts, the steps and movements are both challenging and playfully exciting. We will learn the acrobatic and musical skills used in this art from kung fu and lion dance expert, Mark Elefane.

  • Apr 26 Tue

    Race and Necropolitics in the Age of Intelligent Machines

    • Sylvester Johnson
    6:00 PM

    Race Matters Series

    Lecture / MCC Lounge

    Humans have become skilled at developing machines that think and reason. Intelligent machines can already write novels, create poetry, and compose music. They are also being used to target and kill humans in warfare and to surveil suspect populations for law enforcement. As intelligent machines become more complex and powerful, they may well threaten the future of a human race or even redefine the architecture of racism. Will humans become one with intelligent machines? Will these machines threaten the very existence of human? Will a new race of machine-enhanced humans emerge to dominate the rest? Sylvester A. Johnson examines the challenges created by the rise of intelligent machines and their use in domains ranging from healthcare and education to warfare, religion and policing. Sylvester Johnson is Associate Professor of African American Studies & Religious Studies at Northwestern University.

  • Apr 27 Wed

    De Nadie (No One)

    • De Nadie
    6:00 PM

    Cup of Culture

    Film Screening / MCC Theater

    This documentary interviews a number of Central Americans, who tell their stories of their first hand journeys through Mexico's "Vertical Border" to get to the U.S. The four thousand kilometers that the migrants must travel through Mexico is where they risk their money, lives, and health. These are sad tales from those at the bottom of globalism's human barrel; these migrants have truly been reduced to "de nadie," "no one.” Post film Q&A with the Undocumented Student Services program. (80 min, Spanish w/ English subtitles, 2005)

    Watch the trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7sLD9b5B4_c

  • Apr 28 Thu

    Immigration, Identities, and Injustice

    • blurred_immigration
    6:00 PM

    Panel Discussion / MCC Theater

    With immigration as a critical theme in current presidential debates, the discourse around undocumented immigrants reduces issues facing complex communities while ignoring systemic injustices. A panel of UCSB faculty and advocates will highlight marginalized identities within the larger undocumented community and consider the debates about citizenship, enforcement, and immigration reform through a human rights lens. The panel will be moderated by Dr. William Robinson, professor of Sociology, Global Studies, and Latin American Studies at UCSB.

  • Apr 29 Fri

    An Evening of AFRO-HYPNO-SONIC: Jojo Abot

    8:00 PM

    Music Performance / MCC Theater

    Hypnotic, sultry, vulnerable, and empowering—these words come to mind when first experiencing the music of Jojo Abot, the Ghanaian singer-songwriter who is poised to capture the ears of discerning listeners worldwide with her experimental blend of electronica, afrobeat, jazz, neo-soul, house and reggae. However, the raw emotion at the heart of the four-track project which centers on a woman’s right to choose comes from the generational ties that bind the women in her family together.

    Listen to the music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WHI98ANJUmM

    Tickets: $5 UCSB Students and Children under 12 / $15 General. Purchase tickets online or call the A.S. Ticket Office (805) 893-2064.

  • May 03 Tue


    • Ise Lyfe
    6:00 PM

    Performance-Lecture / MCC Lounge

    Hilarious and daring, this timely multimedia performance-lecture is a detailed look into American apathy, disengagement, and the commoditization of death and incarceration in rap culture. Ise Lyfe is an award-winning spoken word & recording artist, justice advocate, and author. His core teaching focuses on social literacy and is grounded in a pedagogy that fosters an environment for students to explore the root causes of poverty and apathy, deconstructing popular narratives charged by prejudice and fear.

  • May 04 Wed

    Seoul Searching

    • Seoul Searching
    6:00 PM

    Cup of Culture

    Film Screening / MCC Theater

    During the 1980s, the Korean government created a special camp where gyopo (foreign-born teenagers) could spend a summer in Seoul learning about their motherland. While the intentions of the program were honorable, the activities of the teens were sometimes not. The program was eventually cancelled because the government could not control the youth. Seoul Searching is a teen comedy and coming-of-age film based on a true story about one of the 1986 summer camps. Dr. Suk-Young Kim, Professor of Theater and Dance at UCSB, will lead a post-film discussion. (110 min, Korean w/ English subtitles, 2015)

    Watch the trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-AQGDxCS-64

  • May 05 Thu

    The Muslim American Life: Crushing Islamophobia with Countercultures of Resistance

    • The Muslim American Life: Crushing Islamophobia with Countercultures of Resistance
    6:00 PM

    Diversity Lecture

    Lecture / MCC Theater

    How should we understand the nature of contemporary Islamophobia? What motivates it? What sustains it? Who gains by it? Moustafa Bayoumi—author of the award-winning books How Does It Feel To Be a Problem? Being Young and Arab in America and This Muslim American Life: Dispatches from the War on Terror—discusses “War on Terror culture” as way to comprehend today’s Islamophobia. He will examine the ways the media, law, and politics mutually reinforce each other in viewing Muslims as potentially dangerous outsiders. Bayoumi will also address a growing “War on Terror counterculture,” that, by resisting the stereotypes and challenging the prevailing narratives of the “War on Terror,” fights not only for the rights of Muslim Americans but for the civil liberties of all. Professor Bayoumi teaches English at Brooklyn College.

  • May 06 Fri

    Live from Cuba: An Evening with Feliciano Arango y Amistad Cubana

    • The Arango Family Band
    8:00 PM

    Music Performance / MCC Theater

    Deeply rooted in the traditions of Afro-Cuban music, the Arango Family Band hails from Havana. It’s leader and bass player Feliciano Arango has toured worldwide with top Cuban bands. Join these exciting artists for an evening of traditional Cuban music with a modern edge. Dancing is encouraged!

    Listen to the music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0qnzMZG1674

    Tickets: $5 UCSB Students and Children under 12 / $15 General. Purchase tickets online or call the A.S. Ticket Office (805) 893-2064.

  • May 10 Tue

    Black Star Lines: Afrofuturism Across the Black Cultural Cosmos

    6:00 PM

    Panel Discussion & Reception / MCC Theater

    Afrofuturism generally refers to fictive, futuristic, artistic expressions of Blackness—tomorrow’s Black aesthetics today. Our view of Afrofuturism is ever-expanding, revealing a universe that reaches beyond fiction and includes the orbits of many planets including history, politics, and philosophy. Join four scholars as they take us "Black to the future" on a journey to the constellations of music, visual art, theater, literature, and many other stars along the way. Panelists will include: playwright and Assistant Professor of Theater and Dance from Colorado College, Idris Goodwin; Professor of Black Studies and Sociology at UCSB, George Lipsitz; Associate Professor of English and Black Studies at UCSB, Stephanie Batiste; and doctoral student of Ethnomusicology at UCSB, Alex Blue V. The panel will be followed by a reception where existential turntablist DJ Frane will improvise an audiospiritual expedition through the space-funk diaspora.

  • May 11 Wed

    The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution

    • #3 Black Panthers from Sacramento, Free Huey Rally, Bobby Hutton Memorial Park in Oakland, CA, 1969. Photo courtesy of Pirkle Jones and Ruth-Marion Baruch
    6:00 PM

    Cup of Culture

    Film Screening / MCC Theater

    The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution is the first feature length documentary to explore the Black Panther Party. Master documentarian Stanley Nelson goes straight to the source, weaving a treasure trove of rare archival footage with the voices of the people who were there: police, FBI informants, journalists, white supporters and detractors, and Black Panthers who remained loyal to the party and those who left it. Dr. Diane Fujino, Director of the Center for Black Studies Research at UCSB, will lead a post-film discussion. (115 min, English, 2016)

    Watch the trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F56O3kZ9qr0

  • May 13 Fri

    An Evening of Chilean Alternative Pop: María Del Pilar

    • Maria Del Pilar
    8:00 PM

    Music Performance / MCC Theater

    Melodic, sweet and tough as nails, listening to María Del Pilar is like hearing the soundtrack of a quinceañera for a riot girl. Hailed by CNN Español as “…one of the most important voices in the Latin alternative music scene in the U.S.,” María Del Pilar is a sophisticated Chilean-American solo artist who has garnered acclaim from aficionados as eclectic as her work. She was the one-time voice of America’s DIY/bilingual youth movement, and last year her song “Miss Funeral” was featured on NPR during Alt Latino’s “Undeniable Strength of a Great Song,” episode. Her single “Ilegal En Estyle,” was named by the OC Weekly as one of the decade’s top ten songs about illegal immigration and was included on a list of notable immigration songs by PRI’s The World.

    Listen to the music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1335qKi4wo0

    Tickets: $5 UCSB Students and Children under 12 / $15 General. Purchase tickets online or call the A.S. Ticket Office (805) 893-2064.

  • May 17 Tue

    Saving White College Students: Korean Missionaries in America

    • Rebecca Kim
    6:00 PM

    Race and Religion

    Lecture / MCC Lounge

    This presentation introduces an unusual missionary encounter. It discusses the phenomena of missionaries from the global South evangelizing in the West through a case study of a Korean mission movement that has sought to evangelize Americans, particularly white American college students, across the United States since the 1970s. Why and how the Korean missionaries evangelized in the United States and how their mission efforts evolved over time will be discussed. Rebecca Y. Kim is Professor of Sociology and Director of the Ethnic Studies program at Pepperdine University.

  • May 18 Wed

    In Football We Trust

    • In Football We Trust
    6:00 PM

    Cup of Culture

    Film Screening / MCC Theater

    Telling a contemporary American story, this film transports viewers deep inside Salt Lake City, Utah’s tightly-knit and complex Polynesian community – one of the chief sources for the modern influx of Pacific Islander NFL players. Shot over a four-year time period with unprecedented access, the film intimately portrays four young Polynesian men who strive to overcome gang violence and near poverty to realize the promise of NFL football. (90 min, English, 2016)

    Watch the trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gnxzYQRBlyE

  • May 20 Fri

    In Between the Seams: Mix’d Ingrdnts Dance Company

    • Mixd Ingrdnts
    8:00 PM

    Dance Performance / MCC Theater

    In a world where the meaning of connection is rapidly changing and evolving, we explore the value and challenges of connection—with ourselves, our environments, and each other. Through a diverse mixture of movement and poetic prose, the all-female multi-genre, mixed-race dance company Mix'd Ingrdnts’ performance of In Between the Seams pushes boundaries and broadens understanding of the importance of human connection.

    Watch their performance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_qXCcgwAn8

  • May 24 Tue

    Environmental Justice and Health Disparities: Passion, Partnerships, and Progress

    • SacobyWilson
    6:00 PM

    Race Matters Series

    Lecture / MCC Lounge

    Environmental health scientist and environmental justice advocate Sacoby Wilson will detail the fight to address environmental injustice in the form of environmental racism, environmental classism, and environmental slavery across the U.S. He will discuss his efforts to "inpower" communities that have been differentially burdened by environmental hazards and his participation in community-university partnerships to address this injustice in Flint, Michigan, the Washington, DC region, and the Carolinas. Dr. Wilson is Assistant Professor of Applied Environmental Health at University of Maryland’s School of Public Health.

  • May 25 Wed

    Kumu Hina

    • Kumu Hina
    6:00 PM

    Cup of Culture

    Film Screening / MCC Theater

    Kumu Hina is a powerful film about the struggle to maintain Pacific Islander culture and values within the Westernized society of modern day Hawaiʻi. It is told through the lens of an extraordinary Native Hawaiian who is both a proud and confident māhū (transgender woman) and an honored and respected kumu (teacher, cultural practitioner, and community leader). A Skype Q&A session with Hinaleimoona, the film’s main character, will follow the screening. (80 min, English, 2014)

    Watch the trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDaAoYZUlUA

  • May 26 Thu

    An Evening of Self-Expression: MC Rebecca Gonzales

    • Rebecca Gonzales
    6:00 PM

    The MCC in Isla Vista

    Open Mic Night / 6533 Trigo Road, Isla Vista, CA

    The MCC hosts an open mic for anyone to artistically express themselves through all creative outlets including music, poetry, spoken word, and dance while educating others on current issues affecting students of color, women, and all marginalized groups. This quarter’s MC is Rebecca Gonzales. She is a poet, author, and co-curator for the Los Angeles based artist/activist collective, Mujeres De Maiz.