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Dear Friend of the MCC,

May we count on you to support the MultiCultural Center at UC Santa Barbara?
It’s easy to make a gift online! Click DONATE and choose "MultiCultural Center".
Or, you may mail your gift check. Print a gift form, make your check payable to "UC Santa Barbara Foundation", and send to:
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Your gift to the MultiCultural Center will help to expand and enrich our popular and innovative series:

  • Race Matters: interactive, intimate discussions and workshops designed to increase our understanding of both racial differences and commonalities;
  • Diversity Lectures: conversations to promote awareness and heighten sensitivity regarding diversity issues on campus and in the community;
  • Cup of Culture: weekly coffee house and movie nights with filmmakers, directors and guests in post screening Q & A’s;
  • Music Concerts: master musicians represent diverse musical genres from home and abroad; and
  • The MCC in Santa Barbara presents in downtown Santa Barbara venues during monthly art celebrations

Despite the downsized economy and budget cuts facing our public university, the MCC continues to present cutting-edge programs and provide a public forum and safe space to foster diversity of expression and build community. Your generous support will allow us to bring even more creative programming to the MCC, like the kind you see in the 2012 calendar.

Thank you from all of us at the MCC.

Zaveeni Khan-Marcus, Director

P.S. The MCC welcomes--and deeply appreciates--gifts of any size.
The MultiCultural Center (MCC) at UC Santa Barbara is a dynamic force for change on campus and in the community. Our programs address complex, contemporary issues; institutional racism; political activism; the intersection of race, gender and sexual orientation; environmental concerns; social justice; and more. Musicians, writers, artists, and scholars present their works in our theater, lounge, gallery and at campus and community venues. More than 60 UC Santa Barbara student groups, representing more than 5,000 students, use the MCC as a nexus for organizing and advocating on behalf of their communities; our programming is a critical component of their higher education.
It is a policy of the University of California, Santa Barbara and the UC Santa Barbara Foundation that a modest portion of gifts and/or the income from gifts may be used to defray the costs of raising and administering funds (currently 6%).

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Upcoming Events

The UCSB MultiCultural Center in Santa Barbara
Liberation Shows Up!: Ableism & Disability Justice

Thursday, October 23, 2-4 pm

This workshop dares us to understand and adore our whole selves. Being Disabled, Sick, Chronically Ill, Deaf, and/or being Brilliant/Crazy are often understood as flaws. Participants will discuss avenues of critical intersections as brown, poor, trans, immigrant, disabled, other. Everyone is encouraged to participate, but priority will be offered to those who live with SDQ (Sick & Disabled Queer/Transgender Indigenous or People of Color) experiences. Participants are asked to please bring their journals and/or writing materials.

The UCSB MultiCultural Center in Santa Barbara
Love & Ruckus: A Night Of Trans & Disabled Performance By Acclaimed Activist & Poet Kay Ulanday Barrett

Thursday, October 23, 7:30 pm

A Campus PRIDE hot list artist, Kay Ulanday Barrett is a spoken word performer, poet, and educator. Kay connects life as a pilipin@/pin@y-amerikan transgender queer navigating struggle, resistance, and laughter in the U.S. Currently based in New York, with roots in Chicago, Kay’s work is the perfect mix of gritty city flex and Midwest open sky in homeland soil. Co-sponsored by Resource Center for Sexual & Gender Diversity

Isla Vista Concert

Saturday, October 25, 7 pm

Join the MCC and KCSB – FM in welcoming students back for the fall with an exciting evening of outdoor performances by Chicano Batman, Los Macuanos, and mexico68! Uniquely crafting a modern take on Latin music with a conscious political message, Chicano Batman’s sound features a mix of funk, R&B, Latin soul, bossa nova, psychedelia and pop. mexico68 Afrobeat Orchestra, is a thirteen-piece afrobeat band based out of Los Angeles, California’s Eastside. Heavily influenced by the polyrhythmic sounds of Nigerian Recording Artist, Fela Anikulapo Kuti and Africa 70, mexico68 juxtaposes Chicano funk with the body-moving and illuminating vibes of afrobeat. Los Macuanos' productions echo the hedonism of Tijuana's lost rave scene, with other influences ranging from minimal techno and bass music, to more experimental styles like glitch, noise and no wave. You do not want to miss this! Co-sponsored by KCSB - FM

Race Matters Series
Crack in Los Angeles: Policing the Crisis and the War on Drugs
Donna Murch

Tuesday, October 28, 6 pm

This talk will explore the racial politics of the War on Drugs in Los Angeles, and reflect on how the state mobilized the "crack crisis" to justify new and profoundly militarized forms of correctional control. Special attention will be given to the politics of racial backlash and the effects of the War on Drugs on communities of color in L.A. Dr. Murch is associate professor of History at Rutgers University and currently a Bunche Center Visiting Scholar at UCLA. Co-sponsored by UCSB Department of Chicana/o Studies

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