Hello again from Zaveeni

Dear MCC Staff Alumni and Friend: All of you were valuable staff members and we know that the Center played an important role in your lives at UCSB as well. During your tenure here, you made a substantial impact, reminding us all that what the MCC stands for is much bigger than each one of us. As we continue to carry out the MCC mission, we are mindful of the MCC’s long history, as well as the foundation we stand upon that was created by many of you and other students who were deeply invested in the MCC. So thank you all for the tremendous contributions that you made to the Center. I am confident that you will continue to advocate for social justice and equality. I am happy to report that the MCC continues to be a highly visible and vibrant space on campus.

Thank you as always for your support. When I hear from our alumni, I am always touched by your continuing attachment to the MCC. On a personal note, my son Ziyad just graduated from UCLA with a BA in Ethnomusicology and my son Ari just completed his first year at Stanford University. I feel blessed and proud. Please do also keep us posted about your own work and life, and know that you are remembered.

Zaveeni Khan-Marcus

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