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Do you self identify as Disabled? 

A Disabled senior undergraduate sociology major is looking for participants for a research study about accessibility in the University of California. 

Participant Eligibility Requirements: 

  • Participants should be self identified as a Disabled Person or Person with a disability
  • They shoudl be former or currently enrolled UC undergraduate or graduate student, between the ages of 19 and 26 years old

If you choose to be in the study, you will complete an online closed ended multiple choice survey about your educational background, personal growth experiences as a UC student in your campus community, your perceptions of the disabled community in higher education, and your future endeavors in your future. 

This survey will take about 1 hour and 15 minutes to complete. Please contact the student for additional information or if you have any accommodation requests, questions, or other important access needs. Thank you in advance for your effort and time.

Sophia has been the Co-chair and External Affairs Coordinator for UC Santa Barbara Associated Students Commission on Disability Equity since 2019, who is doing a senior honors research project through the sociology department and would greatly appreciate it if could participate you're a student or help with my outreach and networking to my fellow UC campuses. 

Make sure to carefully read the research recruitment message and the consent form before you complete the survey. Also, please know that Sophia can only compensate about 10 more people to do the optional interview part of this study. 

Email if you have any questions.

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