Congratulations Class of 2022!

MCC 2022 Graduates

Wishing you all the best on your education, career, and life endeavors! We hope you will stay in touch with UC Santa Barbara, Student Affairs, the MCC, and our campus community!

Hailey Browne 
Angel Ponce
Halle Dawite

Arabella Compton
"At the MCC, I knew that I was heard, believed, and well fed! The center gave me love and reliability when I most needed it, by people who understood me."

Vonnie Wei
Connie Huerta

Amber Jane Sayoc
"I will forever be grateful to the MCC for shaping the person I've become throughout the years in so many ways! Shout out to all the staff and amazing activists, educators, and artists with whom have shared space here." 

Jasmine Delgado
“I will forever miss the mcc, the space and energy it cultivates is truly one of a kind. The support and love that fills up the space is so magical and will be carried with me and pour into all the new spaces i enter." 

Emily Diaz
The MCC can be anything you make it!" 

Esmeralda Quintero-Cubillan
"The work we do is not for us – it is for the seven generations after us as the seven generations before us did for us." 

Tiffany Lei 
Britney Martinez Zavala 

Myra Morazan-Marin
"Thank you to my MCC family for giving me a safe, supportive, and loving space to share laughs, memories, and good times with." 

Abigail Morales
"My favorite memory of the MCC is honestly just stopping by the place whenever I could, just so I could see the MCC fam and catch up with everyone!"

Joanne Hernandez
“I'm so grateful to have been able to learn and grow in this space with so many wonderful people. MCC is my forever home.” 

Nadia Ramos
Riley Hsieh

Petrona Garcia
"I have enjoyed my time here being surrounded by so many loving and supporting people. I know without a doubt the places like these are so important in cultivating community and a sense of belonging!"

Anallely Gonzalez-Diaz
Juliet Bravo
Evelyn Chairez

Tony Huang
“Thank you to all the staff and students workers of the center who has became my friend and supported my journey here at UCSB!”

Ally Lim 
Dylan Calzada 

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