Mothering is Radical: A Coalitional Feminist Approach to Anti-Imperialism, Abolition, and Immigrant Justice

Nadine Naber
Mothering is Radical with Nadine Naber
Thu, Oct 22, 6:00 PM

This talk is based upon ethnographic activist-research with mother-survivors of the Muslim-ban, policing/prisons, and anti-immigrant violence. Dr. Naber will address how those responsible for the labor of mothering among communities of color are the lightning-rods through which the ripple effects of state violence can be seen. In this sense, radical mothering, as Dr. Naber argues, is constituted by the radical potential for abolition and solidarity. Dr. Nadine Naber is an award winning author, public speaker, and activist. She is a professor of Gender and Women's Studies and Global Asian Studies at the University of Illinois at Chicago, where she is the faculty founder of the first center on a college campus serving the needs of Arab American students in the United States. 

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