Why We Feel We Owe Our Parents for Their Sacrifices: A Workshop on Filial Debt

Dr. Mimi Khúc
Dr. Mimi Khúc
Tue, Jan 31, 4:00 PM

Pre-registration required via Shoreline for Zoom link.

Do you feel like you owe your parents for their sacrifices? How does this sense of debt--and the gratitude that it requires--shape your experiences and choices? This workshop will discuss the concept of filial debt, where it comes from, and how it shapes relationships in immigrant families. We will explore how it feels to try to be a person in the shadow of all-consuming debt to one's parents. Participants will gain new tools for understanding their own family dynamics, reflect on how to navigate them, and perhaps find new strategies of finding agency and selfhood.
Speaker Bio: Mimi Khúc is a writer, scholar, and teacher of things unwell. She is the creator of the mental health projects, Open in Emergency and the Asian American Tarot. Her forthcoming book, dear elia: Letters from the Asian American Abyss (Duke University Press), is a creative-critical, genre-bending deep dive into the shapes of Asian American unwellness at the intersections of ableism, model minoritization, and the university.


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